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Man's Health. How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction
Man's Health. How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction
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Low libido (sex drive) can result from a variety of factors, including medication, fatigue, drug or alcohol use, depression, relationship problems, fear, systemic illness, and low testosterone levels. To enhance potency and treat erectile dysfunction, you can take medications for men’s health. These are such well-known drugs as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. What are drugs for men’s health? Erectile dysfunction, a common symptom of erectile dysfunction (ED), is often very frustrating for men trying to have sex.





In most cases, ED develops against the background of some kind of disease or unhealthy lifestyle, and therefore it can be cured if you get rid of the causes, whether they are related to vascular, neurological, sexual, hormonal or psychogenic activities of the body or caused by taking medications. The doctor will make recommendations based on your health condition. Very often, men are unable to maintain an erection after drinking a lot of alcohol. Chronic alcoholism negatively affects all body functions, including the ability to maintain an erection.





Talk to your doctor to find out how much alcohol you can drink and how often. Drink alcohol in moderation. Treatment of erectile dysfunction in men The word sildenafil is familiar for the most part to medical specialists. Meanwhile, if you look closely, then on the package in small letters it will be indicated exactly sildenafil. As you can imagine, these are all trade names for one active ingredient, which is considered the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.





The dose is selected individually (range from 25 to 100 mg), should be applied 1 hour before sexual intercourse. Effective on average in 70% of people with erectile dysfunction. But Viagra is known to everyone, without exception. Here you can get more detailed information about drugs to enhance potency and their effect on men’s health. A common cause of erectile dysfunction is a violation of this mechanism. Outside of an erection, they are spasmodic, and sexual arousal starts the process of relaxation of the smooth muscles of the arteries of the cavernous bodies, and therefore increases the volume of incoming blood.





An erection directly depends on the amount of blood in the vessels of the penis. Erectile dysfunction – correction of vascular spasm or a reason to talk? And the volume of the inflowing blood is regulated by changing the diameter of the bringing arteries. Erection problems sooner or later occur in almost any man. Any of these situations, not to mention their combination, leads to a significant decrease in the level of satisfaction with all aspects of sexual life.





It is interesting, by the way, that regardless of the causes of erection problems, a man, constantly experiencing past unsatisfactory episodes and worrying about their possible recurrence in the future, greatly aggravates the current situation. This can be expressed either in insufficient firmness of the penis, or in the slow achievement of an erection, or in its sudden disappearance during intercourse.





Causes of erectile dysfunction Previously, there was an opinion that ED mainly develops according to a psychogenic mechanism.





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